Prince Boo is the son of King and Queen Boo. No one knows how two ghosts have a kid, but whatever. He is the second to last boss in LM2.5. To revile his heart, you need to suck up his septer. Than he says, "Hey, no touchin mi ting!" Then he shows his heart and POOF! gone. He also talks and hasto be about 3 or 4 in human years. Creepy!



Like I said. Creepy!

Type: Ghost

Strangths: can fly, can call on other boos, can throw septer

Weakness: His septer

How to kill: When you enter his play room, make sure he's back is facing you. Then, suck up his septer. When he turns around, he will say," Hey, no touchin mi ting!", then shine on his heart a suck him up. He will call up so Boos, so watch out.

Hight: 3 ft.

Weight: 0 lbs.