Mega Bots are Volt Man's main minions. Because they where created for Mega Man, they all have one attack

Rough scetch of "Mega Bot"

from one of the ten games. Some have Cut Man's Cut-er-ang, Metal Man's Metal Blade, Magnet Man's Magnet Missle, Skull Man's Skull Barrier, Napalm Man's Napalm Bomb, Knight Man's Knight Crush, Slash Man's Slash Claw, Search Man's Homing Sniper, Galaxy Man's Black Hole Bomb, and Blade Man's Triple Blade.


Type: Robot

Strangth: Very Powerful, Can use different powers

Weakness: No real big ones

How to kill: Unlike Robot Masters, Mega Bots don't have main weaknesses, other then kick, punch and shoot. You can, sometimes, make them fight each other.

Hight: 6 - 7 ft.

Weight: 1 - 3 tons