A Golden Koopa is a very rare Koopa that only appears in very hidden areas. Once you hit one, it will release over 15 coins, a star, or a Star Suit. They only appear in Super Mario Bro. X. There are Koopas with golden shells, but Golden Koopas are totaly gold. In SMBX, you can sell the shell for 20 rubies, whitch is a good deal. At the same time, Golden Koopas are very deadly. They are amune to Stars! So watch out!

Real Gold Koopa's Shell

No wonder it's worth 20 rubies


Type: Koopa

Strangths: Amune to stars

Weakness: Just stomp on him

How to kill: See Weakness

Hight: About 3 feet

Weight: 1,000 lbs.

Found: Valleys, Forrests, Caves