Bowser 2.0, much like King Buzzy, is a optional boss. If you beat Dark Bowser 3 times in a row, Toad comes up and says Bowser Jr. Wants to try his new invention. If you say yes, you fight him automaticly. If you sell his fake eye, you get 5 rubies!


This my littles cousins drawing. How cute.


Bower's kid is a guinies!

Type: Koopa

Strangths: Lazer eye, lazer guns

Weakness: His eye

How to kill: He is much powerful than Dark Bowser and mabey even Geno X. He only has two attacks. Lazer gun and lazer eye, which is the most powerful move. It mite be a small target, but you have to hit hes eye only once to beat him.

Height: 10 feet

Weight: 2 tons